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My wife and I were introduced to Jerry Kane from a friend who had just closed on a mortgage through Jerry.  Our friend referred us to Jerry because she thought he could help us save some money by refinancing an existing loan.  We refinanced our loan through Jerry; the process was simple and we saved a great deal of money.  After that initial mortgage refinancing, we went on to finance several home improvement projects with Jerry's help.  His help has saved us thousands of dollars, which is we have referred him to numerous people who have had similar success.  We have had a working relationship with Jerry for almost ten years and would recommend him to anyone seeking a mortgage.  Jerry has probably helped 10 other people I referred to him with their home purchase or refinance.




I was introduced to Jerry thru a co-worker when I was in the process of buying a home from a family member.  I had met with my credit union and they only gave me one option.  The Mortgage Pros gave me several ways to proceed including using a gift of equity.   It saved me thousands of dollars and the transaction was very quick and painless. 

I was first time home buyer and Jerry made the process very easy.  He answered all of my questions.  He even came to the closing and helped the family members I was buying the house from understand the transaction. 

I’d recommend Jerry to anyone looking to buy or refinance.




What initially convinced me to work with Jerry was his passion for helping clients, dedication to customer service and professional manner.  My expectations were exceeded and Jerry's honest, no-nonsense approach, won me over.  I work for a financial institution and often focus on serving my clients to the point of neglecting my personal finances.  When Jerry called and shared with me that it might be a good time to rethink our mortgage my answer was that “I didn't have time”.  He convinced me to review my financial goals and we ended up refinancing, cutting 7 years off our term, saving thousands in interest expense and maintaining basically the same payment amount.  If you are looking for an alternative to the transactional, pushy, and less-than-forthcoming brokers, I encourage you to give Jerry a call.

Camp Hill


We found The Mortgage Pros when doing an online search for top brokers in the state.   Jerry helped us consolidate debt thru the refinance of a couple rental properties.  This also helped improve our credit and provide for a down payment on our first primary residence.  Jerry guided us thru the entire process, educating us along the way and I consider him both a professional as well as a friend.


Ryan & Kristy


I know there were some challenges you had to overcome on the refinance of my residence.  Thanks also for your help with my rental property.  You saved me hundreds a month between both loans.

Thanks again for all your help & not giving up!



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