Talk about a fast closing!

I'm not much for boasting about my successful closings, but people have told me it is nice to hear about stories that are particularly positive and out of the ordinary.

Recently I was approached by a couple, Deb and Megan, who had seen their financing fall through at the last minute. A friend of theirs' suggested they call me to see if something could be done.

I submitted the application to our lender on Thursday 7/18 and we were clear to close seven business days later on Friday 7/26. We initially planned on closing Wednesday July 31st, but I was approached on Sunday evening the 28th to see if we could close Tuesday July 30th. We did!

Although two weeks or less isn't my recommended time frame from application to closing, it can be done. Thanks to the borrower's and their hard working agent Stephen Tallon, KW Greater West Chester.

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